Our address book makes it possible for our concierge service to handle villa rental, yacht rental, plane ticket reservation, private jet reservation, helicopter booking and private luxury store visits according to your requirements, and much more.

Our concierge service is always available to fulfill your desires and to assist you. Confidence is, of course, our golden rule, which we respect every time our members choose to let us handle their daily lives.


As soon as they leave the plane, passengers discover the customer-dedicated visual welcome. For our customers, it is as reassuring as it is an appreciable sign of attention: they instantly feel taken care of, welcomed in a privileged manner and guided throughout their route through the airport.


We offer a security service which emphasizes discretion in preventive personal security measures. We help to minimize all potential risks. Our employees in this field are specialists, with high level bodyguard training. They all have years of experience in this field.

Bodyguard services, security in your private life and absolute discretion are our priority. We organize your day according to individual security needs, as well as our employees preparing your vehicles and secure routes. You are escorted by our expert bodyguard team from your arrival to your departure.